Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another stamp on my passport!

I returned a few days ago from an AMAZING time in Jordan! I made some great new friends and connections and saw some amazing history. I travelled across the Red Sea and even saw wild camels wandering the desert.

I spent a day in Petra, an entire city that was actually carved out of rock 2000 years ago. Pictures are on their way!

Yesterday I moved into my new flat. I'm on my own right now, but my two roommates will be moving in later this week. The apartment is furnished and well... very Arab in style. I have AC in my room (thank goodness since the low is in the 90s and the high is around 110). The rest of the house is quite warm, but enjoyable. Pictures of my new dig (as my Aussie friend would say) are on their way as soon as I get internet.

I am LOVING everyone's emails and will do my best to respond! Blessings all!

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