Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have the dirtiest feet in the world.

Really, I'm being honest. I took a picture, but I decided not to post it because they're really dirty. Seeing as how I live in the desert and it doesn't rain here and people don't use the garbage cans very often, I get super dirty. Then today, I wore my crocs so dirt hopped into every hole in the shoe. Plus, today was really, really hot. It's supposed to cool down a ton next week, and only be in the high 80s. Hmmm, cool in the high 80s. Is that an oxymoron?

I also just found out that the city I live is #2 on the worst air quality in the WORLD, surpassed only by Delhi, India. I don't even want to know what my lungs look like!

Great news! I found a language tutor and will start classes next week! I'll do 2-2 1/2 hours 5 days a week of meetings where I'll learn to speak and write. (Keep in mind, the Arabic you speak and the Arabic you write are practically different languages in themselves.) Here's what the rest of my week will look like:

15 hrs-in class study
10-15 hrs- studying outside of class (going over words I learned, listening to my class on a recorder, going out to speak Arabic with other people, etc.)
5-20hrs-visits with Arabs (this will happen more and more as I meet more people)
2-Arab fellowships a week, where I'm can't listen to the translation

I also hope to find a place to volunteer with refugees, am attending three other meetings a week, fellowship in english, and reading all these huge history books on the culture.

It sounds like life will begin to get busy! I'm excited!!!


elisse said...

Number two in air quality, huh? That's kind of funny cause when people asked me what I thought of the city I said it was like a cleaner version of New least a little cleaner.
Be of good courage as you start your start studying! My first Arabic class is tomorrow. I'm excited but I have 18 credits this semester and think I'm a little crazy.

Lesli said...

haha, I can relate to the dirty feet and dirty lungs! I am sure the streets here are not as dusty as there, but ours are pretty bad. Some days during the summer I would come home, after wearing flops all day outside, and my feet would be black with clean lines around where my flops touched my feet! :) gross-ola. I couldn't find a specific air quality report for Krasnoyarsk, Russia, but I have to say that if this city had EMISSION STANDARDS then less people would die every year- I am sure!!! On warm days the smog and yuckyness just envelopes the city. I look out our window and I can't even see the skyline anymore- just smog. Yuck. I am with you on emission standards for the world-not just the US! Love you!

Calvin said...

Can you post a link to the air quality report? I am interested in what Russian cities are on it. (There have to be some.)

Alissa said...

Oh man, thats a lot of Arabic. Don't let your brain explode!