Sunday, September 03, 2006

Petra Pics

I finally have internet at home, so here are the long-awaited Petra pics!

This is the view from immigration in Jordan. I'm looking across the Red Sea (think Ex. 14) at the Promised Land. I also got a picture of Saudi Arabia from the Red Sea!

Can you believe all of these places were actually carved out of the rocks themselves with very ornate designs? The camels belonged to Bedowins who tried to get us to ride them. Five years ago, Petra would see 10,000 visitors a day. Since the Middle East has become "dangerous" the tourism has decreased, so we practically had the place to ourselves. This was great for pictures and atmosphere, but overwhelming because we were constantly bombarded by people trying to sell us things. My favorite line was the man who walked up to us with his camel saying, "Taxi with air conditioning!"

I'm standing in the monestary. It's called the monestary, though it never served this purpose. We rode donkeys over a mountain to get here which made for some laughs! When there, a guy climbed to the very top (probably 500ft) and sat on top and played a flute. After that, we climbed to a place where they would make their sacrifices. From there we also saw Aaron's (Moses' brother) tomb.

Here I am with one of my friends on the donkey ride. I thought Szu-Szu was going to tip over a couple of cliffs. I think the two of us may have been a bit much for him. Because we were in a tourist area I didn't have to wear long sleeves and pants, but I also think it lead to my worst sunburn of the year.

Here I am later that night learning how to dance the Arab way. (Sorry the picture is hard to see!) Again, dancing around (and next to) men is only appropriate because I was in a touristy area. Fortunately, Arab dancing is very similar to country line dancing, except we dance in a circle.

A tour of my flat is on it's way soon!


Lesli said...

Wow- amazing history. I love the monastary picture too. What a cool place to get to travel to. Poor little Szu Szu though. Hey can you remember the name of our elephant? I am teaching a class on traveling and I was using our picture as a demonstration, but I couldn't remember the name of the elephant. Wasn't it Harley or something? :)

Karin said...

It's such a treat to see your smiling face. I'm so enjoying reading your chronicles of your new life. We think of you often. Be well. Karin

Anonymous said...

Hi are too cool for words. Seeing you dancing reminds me of those moves I saw while on Spanish Safari...Costa Rica...Electric Slide. Hahaha! Keep on groovin' sista!

Love you...xox! Joyous

Nancy & Erin said...

Hi SaraH! Exchanged emails with your mom tonite and she told me about this site. Looks like you're getting some great pictures. Thinking of you a lot - especially every time I open the fridge with your picture on it!

Love, Nancy, Erin & Meghan

Ryan said...

This reminds me of Indiana Jones and the last Crusade! I was hoping to see a picture of you running out of there with the holy grail with some Nazis chasing after you! Anyway, great pictures, absolutley amazing! Great to see a little of your new life there! -Ryan