Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Tour

So, after hours of trying to use this thing we call technology, I think I finally got these videos to work. Nevermind the fact that I sound a bit confused in all of them when I can't get it to work. You might have wait awhile for the video to load, or maybe that only happens here. Happy touring!


the Beckster said...

Yeah! That's such a great idea. I appreciate seeing a bit of your world. May this flat be a place of peace!


Anonymous said...

wow girl! I'm SO proud of your mad technology skills! Good job sista! Your place looks very cute and cozy! Thanks so much for you sharing it with us! Love you bunches! Joyful! (P.S. September's prego!!!)...thought you might enjoy the news!

Liana said...

so fun! you should do a video of just you talking to the camera so those of us who love you so much can watch and see you and hear your voice. maybe you can't do that though cause of...
i love the apartment. i wish i could be done with school and staying there with you. nice decorating too!

Eileen said...

yay for fun videos... I'm excited for you! that apartment rocks! :o)

Jimmy Bollinger said...

Hey Sarah!
Nice tour of your place! It looks like a very accommodating place. I'm in Chicago now (just arrived today), so I'm enjoying things here for the next few weeks. Your pictures of Petra were neat too, but I figured one post would suffice for both entries ;-). Take care, I'm thinking of you a lot!

NeLlY said...

Hey !!!
I think it's so cool that u put little videos on !! I love ur house. It looks really nice, and it sounds like ur having a lot of fun over there, and im so happy to see that !! Well i hope u keep having good times and here's my blog if u want to see it also later u have to tell me how u put thouse videos i can do the same thing and u can see where i live in Mexico. Well take care!! bye bye.

andrea said...

oh, I love it!!! It reminds me so much of another place not so far away!!! :) yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah so fun to see your casa. I really like the decorations!
I especially enjoyed the bathroom with the window! That's great for community-building!

Odos went great but we missed having you there...first one in 4 years!! Katy Clem surprised the girls and came back from Scotland for it. She did a great job in "Games two people can't play." You would have liked it.
Seeing pics and stories makes us smile and get a little teary too. We remember you.