Sunday, October 15, 2006

Keep on keepin on

Sorry I haven't updated much recently. I'm pretty much into the routine of language-study-sleep, language-study-sleep, language-play with friends-study, sleep, etc., etc. I really do love it though! I'm progressing a ton and can actually keep a long conversation in Arabic!!!

Last weekend my church had an international night where everyone brought food from their home country and then performed. There were at least 15 countries represented. My favorite were the Sudanese and Nigerian people. They wore these incredibly bright clothes and the women wore starched scarves on their heads and they looked like beautiful, brightly-colored crowns. They sang and danced and played the drums. It was a blast!

I celebrated iftar with some friends again on Friday. The adventure of that outing was getting there. The right side of the road our micro-bus (think broken-down van) travels on was under construction so we just drove down the left side of the road swerving around the
oncoming traffic. As I said before, every day I make it home is a miracle!!!

Tonight my sister is coming over and she's going to help me make dinner for some friends.

Next week is the post-Ramadan celebration where everyone goes out of town. I had a great opportunitiy to visit Luxor with some friends and we were going to stay in this incredible hotel on the Nile and everything, but when the travel agent went to get the train tickets, they were all sold out. Bummer #1. Our next option was to stay in a Chalet on the Med Sea, but apparently it's cold this time of year. Bummer #2. It looks like I'll be staying home, but hopefully we'll get to go sometime soon.

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the Beckster said...

Hey girl! Glad you're picking up the language and doing well. I'm going to need you as a translator when I come visit. :)

Love ya!