Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not much going on in these here parts

Not much new here this week. It seems as though I'm actually getting into some sort of routine! Here are some fun experiences to note:

  • I spent Thursday night (11:30pm-4am) downtown with some dear friends drinking fresh mango and pomegranate juice, eating ful and timea (sort of like hummus and falafel), and Arab dancing in a river boat on the very important river in my city. It's been one of my favorite times here so far!
  • I finally learned the Arabic alphabet and am learning how to spell, though it's not as easy as it looks. There are only 3 vowels, you can't begin a sentence with a vowel, many words don't actually have vowels though they have vowel sounds, and there are duplicates of most letter sounds in the alphabet (though some would argue that they're different sounds). My favorite part about it though is that there are no articles (like Russian I hear). They're much more straight and to the point: You come my house, rather than do you think you could come over to my house? It's great!
  • Due to the time I spend with non-native English speakers, my English skills have already degressed to, "You go to the store now?" or "I come to your house tomorrow."
  • Hopped in a taxi to go home the other day. He started taking me a strange way and then stopped and apologized, telling me he couldn't take me anymore. I had to get out of the taxi and wander around until I could find another taxi to take me home or find someone who knew the general direction of my home. To top it off, I was ultra-foreign that day, wearing my Chicago Cubs t-shirt.
  • I've watched more American TV here than I watched in the states. My roommates and I have a nightly viewing of The Office. Being here, it seems we just need some culture we're used to to wind down.
  • Recently, I've been asked where I'm from a lot. My favorite trick to play is to tell them in Arabic that I'm from the country I'm in. They look surprised and then say, "No, no you're not." Then, I tell them I'm American. They usually say, "Oooooh, American! Welcome to our country!" But, on Sat., a taxi driver began to talk faster and faster and louder and louder in Arabic after I said that. The only word I could pick out of his rantings were "Bush! Bush!" Anyone surprised? I just agreed with whatever he said and then he turned around (while driving) and shook my hand welocming me to America. I could write pages and pages about conversations I've had about the U.S. government, but I'll just leave you with that story.
  • Yesterday I got 1/2 kilo of tomatos, 1/2 kilo of cucumbers, 1/2 kilo of yams, and 1/4 kilo of lemons for about $.60.
Well, I'm off to study for a bit and then head to another language lesson!

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Alissa said...

Sarah, you are amazing and I LOVE your stories!!!

By the way, I am now way hooked on the Office. HILARIOUS. I am excited that you guys are enjoying it.

I love you lots!!! Thinking about you sis!