Saturday, October 28, 2006


Here are some pictures of my most recent adventures!

The Suez Canal. This is actually the separation between Africa and Asia.

A famous, old church in the center of my city

The Hanging Church: built on ruins in the 7th century.

The oldest mosque in the city. I think I look like a gnome.

I also got to see the place where Joseph and Mary supposedly hid from Pharaoh in the 1st century and visit one of the two synagogues in the city. Who would have thought? A synagogue, church, and mosque all in one day!

A couple of days later, I went to a pre-wedding celebration for a friend. They had men actually sewing the mattresses and pillows by hand in the middle of the street while everyone celebrated with dancing and cheering. I was clearly the only foreigner there and got more than my share of attention--especially when they tried to make me dance and realized that I've never danced like that in my life and when they caught me eating with my left hand. Oops! I think I can relate to animals in the zoo on a completely different level now.


Les said...

Why in the heck are you wearing that gnome outfit? Please tell me that wasn't your robe-of-choice for the day?! Was it raining- like is it a poncho? Or did you have to wear it to go into a mosque or something? This picture has now become my favorite picture of you, knocking out the previous #1 which was you in a straw cowboy hat holding baby chicks on a bus in South America. I might just save it as my background on my computer so I can see it and have a good laugh every day. :) Hysterical!

Sarah said...

I was my only choice for a head covering. I was wearing long sleeves and everything so I only needed to cover my hair. The funniest part was that my brother said, "Wow, you look really pretty in those clothes." Ha! Does he think gnomes are cool or something?

angie said...

sarah, when do the packages need to be in switzerland?

Liana said...

i can't wait to see your arms! and i love the new background :)