Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've finally made it out of the big city and started to see the rest of the country! My dear friend Kristen got here on Friday and we've been exploring.

Saturday night, we stayed the night in a monestary and then climbed a very famous and revered mountain to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful...and freezing cold! After that, we spent two days on the coast just relaxing. This town is my new favorite place. It was practically empty, very relaxed, and because there are a lot of tourists there, I could actually talk to the men. I spoke Arabic most of the time and became the-foreign-girl-who-speaks-Arabic. We also went snorkeling over a coral reef. I think this will be my place to go every once and awhile when I need to get away from the honking horns and dirty streets.

Last night, we took the overnight bus home and got here at 6am this morning and will spend the rest of the week in my city exploring and hanging out with my family.

AMAZING pictures are on their way as soon as we can figure how to get Kristen's pictures onto my computer.

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