Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12 Days of...something

Here's a song written in part by some kids and in part by me (because i couldn't remember most of what they said).

One first day of Christmas (in the Middle East) my true love gave to me:
1 cheesy souvenier gift from the Khan (market)
2 cheesy 90s love songs playing
3 pyramids pointing
4 angry men fighting
5 working cars
6 boabs sleeping (boabs are sort of like door-men in the apartments)
7 taxi drivers proposing
8 cats meowing
9 busses crashing
10 cigarettes smoking
11 mounds of garbage
12 horns honking

1 comment:

Joyous said...

You're too funny Sarah! I have to say, your letter was beautiful. You did such an amazing job setting it up. I was blown away...literally the best letter I've EVER seen!! Great job my dear friend. It made me want to be there even more!

Happy Christmas! :-* MUAH!