Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Eve Story

Some of you know that I actually have a different name here: Eve. How
exactly did this comeabout? Well, It's kind of hard to explain, but I"ll do
my best. It all began in my first week here. I was reading (for the 3rd time) this amazing book called The Allure of Hope by Jan Meyers. It's all about living in hope of what is to come and not giving up on what my future will be. I can either settle for what this life looks like or dig deeper into what it truly has to offer. This involves abandoning myself to hope and feeling all things stronger than I ever have before. This means experiencing greater joy, but also greater pain and suffering. Is it worth it?

As I was exhorted to abandon myself to hope, I was encouraged to remember Eden, what used to be, and what will eventually be again. This struck me--especially as I was feeling lonely and without direction in a completely new place. I wanted to remember Eden and I wanted to live in hope.

What does someone who lives in hope look like? She is bold, courageous, adventuresome, tender, vulnerable, beautiful, wild, free, exquisite. She is life-giving. This is what I want to be: life-giving. Eve means life.

Thus, in effort to remember Eden, as well as to be someone who offers life, I began to go by Eve.

I know it's not the norm and may sound a bit crazy. This is because it isn't the norm and is definitely a bit crazy. But, has anyone known me otherwise?

I hope this answers your questions!

Question of the day: if you could change your name, what would you change it to and why? Leave your answers as a comment. This will be fun!


Liana said...

I will gladly call you Eve. How come I haven't heard about it until now? I can't tell you a name I'd like to go by. How bout you come up with one for me?

Jimmy Bollinger said...

Well I suppose I could start going by my real name, James. I actually really admire James, he seems full of wisdom and had the privilege of being a blood relative to J.C. He's one of those people that really keeps focus on what matters.

Martina King said...

Hmmm...Eve! I like it.
And, I would change my last name to my family's actual name, L'Heureux. This means "happy one" in French.