Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Keep 'em coming

I was inspired more by Calvin and Lesli's blog so I must continue to add to my list. Also, I've included a photo of the fish snakes for you to live the experience with me. How it took me to realize halfway through the meal they were staring at me...I have no idea.

  • feeling incredibly inconvenienced if you have to stand in a line becuase you're used to pushing your way to the front
  • get muddy in the rain because the city is so dusty
  • hoard small bills because everyone always wants exact change
  • confuse my brother's name with watermelon and start calling him watermelon. Later, instead of asking him if he understands, I'll mix up the words and ask him if he's charcoal
  • eat liver. I have a list of food I don't like, but will eat if I must. I despise liver so much it's not even on that list.
  • be colder inside than outside in the winter because of the concrete buildings
  • get all the hair ripped off my arms so I can "fit in" like all the other Arabs, all the while forgetting what my arms actually look like because they're always covered
  • buy your bedsheets as fabric then come back 15 minutes later and the fabric has turned into sheets and pillow cases
  • get in trouble for eating with your left hand and get made fun of becuase you write with your left hand
  • pretend you can't understand when taxi drivers want you to give them more money
  • just agree when people tell you how much they hate Bush...and then tell them you won't marry them so they can become an American citizen
  • lose all the hair on my fingers because I'm not very good at lighting the stove
  • answer iowa or la-ah if I don't understand what someone is asking me
  • take pictures of my flashcards when I'm tired of studying


the Beckster said...

okay, girl, listen: those little fishies are good! once you get past the idea that they have eyes, they're like seasoned croutons on a salad! :)

so...I lived in asia and I loved those.

Liana said...

how do you look so beautiful while you're studying?! not fair. those worm things are disgusting!
today, i told one of my patients how cute she is...she replied..i'm not sure why all you people keep saying that. worms can't be cute but your eyes must be as bad as mine!
funny. she's right though. worms or whatever those are, cannot possibly be cute.
love you

Joyous said...

this list is just incredible! i love it....your vocab words are also amazing. that's a gi-normous pile! p.s. i really love it that you're wearing your "come" shirt!! also, your hair still looks super cute! ;-)