Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 In A Nutshell

Casette Tape (yes, I actually own one!)--Sa3d
Song--All We Need, Charlie Hall
Dance Song--Hips Don't Lie, Shakira
Fictional Book--Palace Walk, Nagib Mafouz
Non-fiction Book--Autobiography of a Soul, St. Therese of Lisieux
Drink--Pearl Tea
Pick Up Line--"My heart is on the floor because of you" complete with him acting it out
Coffee Shop--Starbucks
Meal--Dad's mongolian chicken
Burrito--I'm a Chipolte convert
Concert--Mohammad Hameke and Sa3d
TV Show--The Office
Internet discovery--skype
Means of transportation--donkey
New word--Malesh (meaning, no worries)
Run--along Lake Michigan
Trip--Mt. Sinai and Dahab with Kristen
Party--my going-away one of course!
Place to relax and hang out--Lauren's cabin in Breck
Accomplishment--helping to build a house in Mexico
Holiday--4th of July with the girls in Frisco
Laughs--anything involving a story from my roommate, Sarah
Juice--fresh pomegranant
Hang out--Grizzley Rose
Pair of shoes--Dansko's, except they make me even taller
Gift--the scrapbook from my not-in-highschool-anymore girls

Movie--Little Man (I had no choice in the matter)
Song--London Bridge, Fergie (Do people really listen to this stuff?)
Pick up line--"How much would it cost me to sleep with you tonight?"
Food--fish snakes
Meal--all the parts of a cow people in the states throw out
Outfit--gray shirt under black shirt, black pants with a brown skirt over the top. Where's Kylene when I need her to help me get dressed?
Accomplishment--becoming a seminary drop-out
Altercation--throwing myself inbetween two groups of guys about to fight
Taxi ride--getting lost for over an hour without my mobile or any Arabic knowledge
Thing to sleep through--earthquake (how cool would it have been to be awake???)


Hero--St. Therese of Lisieux and my language tutor
Highest Mountain climbed--Mt. Bierstadt
Countries Visited--4
Contintents Visited--4
Seas crossed--3
Cars stuck--2 (one in a Mexican trench, the other next to a lake in Nebraska--both with my not-in-highschool-anymore students)
States visited--10 at least
Greatest extravagance--Housecleaner
Highest temprature outside--approx 114
Embarassing moment--throwing up on top of Mt. Bierstadt
Weddings participated in--3
Sketchiest situation--getting lost in the most dangerous part of the night...alone

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Anonymous said...

I wrote this a long time ago but I see it didn't make it...
I'm so glad I got to be at the top of Mt Bierstadt...laughing while people walked by your puke.