Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Adusting to Change

I went to a talk on culture stress last night. There wasn't too
much new information becuase of my psychology background,
but we did get to take this really interesting test. It evalutates
how much "change" you are going through and determines the
effect it will have on you. Different experiences had a different
point allotment and at the end I added it all up for my final

A score of less than 150 indicated a one in three chance of having
serious change in health during the next two years. A score of
150-300 indicated a chance of one in two. A score over 300
meant danger; there was an 80% chance for a major health
change (disease, surgery, accident, or mental illness) in the next
two years.

My final score: 415. Uh oh...

Take the quiz yourself here

There is also an additional 50 points for having to speak a
different language for everyday living.


lesli said...

Holy cow! My score was 490! haha. Maybe they'll put us in the same mental institution some day soon...

oh yeah, and their advice for relaxing a bit was to read a book and breathe more...oh thanks, that helps a lot :) if you have any better advice let me know!

Sarah/Eve said...

Yeah, there was a lot of stuff about marriage so I got out of those points, though I think they should give points for weekly marriage proposals due to singleness or something like that.

Sarah/Eve said...

oh yeah, the main things I was told about relaxation was to get a lot of exercise, eat right, and make sure you sleep 7-9 hours a night. The whole idea is that there are all these stress stimuli going into your system, so you need even more stability to counteract them.

Sarah/Eve said...

my personal favorite thing to release stress is to color.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I think I'll join you guys in that institution... Although I'm sure with that being another change in residence that being institutionalized is not really the best solution for anyone as it only adds more stress. Their solutions are lame, I'm doomed to get sick or something!

Joyous said...

My score was 428...scary eh? I'm sure everyone with anything going on has an enormous score. Guess I'll have some extra exercising to do to make up for it!


Thanks for sharing!