Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another lovely day

A brief update:
  • computer is still broken and in the hands of some man...somewhere...hopefully being fixed
  • our washing machine really hit the bucket and now we are without one altogether for who knows how long
  • our oven still smells like burnt quiche

On a lighter note

  • no one has stolen my identity yet
  • I finally have some winter clothes (thanks to some faithful friends who delivered them from the states for me) so I'm no longer freezing cold all the time--not to mention some Starbucks coffee!!!!
  • My wonderful parents are flying me out to meet them in London for my birthday and I'm making a stop in Germany to visit Kylene and Mandi as well! I'm definitely ready for a break from the Middle East.
  • I still really like Arabic though I feel a little less proficient than normal today, though I did manage to buy a sack full of cinnamon sticks today (I underestimated how much 1/4 kilo would be)

Awkward moment of the day: Saad (creepy washing machine guy) came today and poked around in our bathroom and I made him tea as usual. Afterward, he wanted to use the phone, which is also normal. As he was talking on the phone, I realized he was standing in front of our newly-decorated wall. Amy, as an early valentines day present, printed up a ton of pictures of us and put them up on the wall to make our house feel like more of a home. There's one section devoted to silly pictures. This section includes me making a number of silly faces and wearing a number of silly outfits. And where was Saad standing? Right in front of the silly section! Looking at the pictures!!! I blushed and turned around, forgetting about it, until our new boab/doorman (whose name I can't seem to remember so today he told me to call him Sim-Sim, which means sesame seed) came to help Saad move the washing machine out and also noticed all the pictures. Oh, when will it end?


Joyous said...


can i just say...i love your random happenings (no matter what country you're in, they ALWAYS seem to happen)! i would love to see some of those silly pics! i think you should post them next!

Sarah/Eve said...

You know, I considered posting the pics, but then decided that they're just too embarassing for me to put on the internet. I guess you'll have to come and see them for yoursef...