Thursday, January 25, 2007

A story with a moral.

So, our toilet had been on the fritz for the past couple of weeks,
which left us having to use the bathroom without a window in the door (i.e. gaping hole). I said I was tired of
taking care of all the house issues and being alone with strange men, so when the
girls wanted the toilet fixed they could take care of it. So Sarah brought the plumber
one night to have a go. After a lengthy discussion of him repeating the same thing
over and over to me and me still trying to understand, I finally told him, "et
fadell" meaning, "go for it" having no idea what I was giving him warrant to do.

Next thing I knew, he called me into the bathroom and the toilet was in the middle
of the bathroom and the stench was horrible. Then, he told me to look inside. What?
Aren't you supposed to not have the people watch this? Anyway, he stuck his pliers
into the toilet pipe and pulled out a mid-sized towel and...think about the strangest
thing to ever find in a toilet...a casette tape holder. I'm not even exaggerating!!!!
We haven't been able to flush our toilet paper for the last 5 months becasue someone
flushed a towel and a casette tape holder down the toilet! I said, "ya salem" many a
time and then left him to re-attach the toilet to the wall.

We were all in Amy's room with the door closed until he called me out again, an hour
later. I just about passed out because of the smell. This time, it was the smell of toilet
cleaner. I'm not sure which was worse I think he used 3/4 bottle of it to clean the floor (which, actually was really great of him because no one has ever cleaned up their mess before). We spent the next
24 hours with all the windows open and burning candles and incense and finally, I think
the stench his gone. We are also overjoyed because we can flush our toilet paper!!!

Moral of the story: don't flush towels and casette tape players down someone else's toilet.

p.s. On a completely different note, I became a vegetarian the other day. Long story...


Anonymous said...

what!?!?! that is so crazy weird!!! i am glad that you got it all out of there, who would flush a cassette tape thing down the toilet????

and what is this craziness about being a vegetarian!?!?!??!?!? not allowed. you better have a really really good reason. :-)


Joyous said...

you became a vegetarian??? you have to tell me about this asap. i'm sorry you had a lot of "stench" to deal with, but i'm glad it's all taken care of. i promise i'll never flush a towel and/or a casette tape holder.

Joyous said...

okay, so i decided to add a section to my blog..."THINGS I NEED TO BUY FOR SARAH TO TAKE TO HER WHEN I VISIT AND/OR TREAT HER TO".

To start the list off we have:

-fire extinguisher
-trip to Starbucks

i'm sure more will come to mind if i think hard enough!

let me know what i should add to it...