Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things are looking up

So, my computer is back and better than ever! They uninstalled some things and installed
some other things, so now it actually moves faster than a snails pace! We have a new washing
machine that is really pretty (which is clearly, the most important thing to consider when buying
a new washing machine). Saad will never come back here because the washing machine
will no longer break. The oven now smells of brownies rather than burnt quiche.

Also, my roommates and I decided to fully re-arrange our house today, as well as our bedrooms.
After a LONG talk with our landlady we got her to get rid of some things and my bedroom is now the old dining room, and Sarah has my old room. I also have new furniture and a room that actually has natural light. I'm quite thrilled.

Honestly, it's been the hardest week in a very, very long time. They say culture stress happens within 3-6 months of settling in a new place, and I'm at 5 1/2 months so I figure I'm pretty much on schedule. Nothing in particular has "set me off" but it's just been hard to get up, hard to go out, hard to study Arabic, etc. My roomates have been so gracious and patient with me when I just need to be alone, or I need to re-arrange the house, or whatever. My plan in this season is to feel what I need to feel and then move on. I will continue
to study Arabic even if I don't want to and live the life I have been given for the day. I will
continue to "drink it in."


Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl. Remember when we were in Trinidad and things kept going wrong? We were scared sometimes? Frustrated? I know it was only 10 days compared to how long you're there, but you can make it. So many people are lifting you up and cheering for you. Day by day baby....

Lesli said...

Just know you have tons of friends who are lifting you up and supporting you through this time. This too shall pass...

andrea said...

Hey dear Sarah!! Just wanted to let you know that I'm talking with Daddy about you, and I've loved reading your posts and seeing pics and watching the videos (halarious, btw). You are such an inspiration to me, and I ask Him that He would draw you into His presence continually and make you one with Him - which is all He's called us to, no matter where we are or what we're doing, and that is where life and strength come from. I love you so much, Sarah, and I am excited for all that He is doing in you and how He is using you! ...oh, and I leave for JO in 3 1/2 weeks!!! I'm so psyched!!! :)