Monday, February 05, 2007

You do what for a living?

So, I went to church with my Arabic tutor last night. Her husband is the pastor and she's been inviting me for a long, long time so I finally went for it. The service itself probably would have been interesting if I could have understood it. I got words, but never the idea. Then, they started speaking Fusha (which is the written Arabic that is basically a different language from the colloquial I'm learning right now). So, I gave up and got lost in my own world.

After the service there was apparently a party that they had discussed in the service. So, I stood there awkwardly for awhile (oh, the joys of being in a foreign culture!) but eventually some people came up to talk to me. I met some really wonderful girls and we switched phone numbers so we can get together some time. They both speak great English which is somewhat of a relief to me, though I'm not sure how much it will help my Arabic progression. I also met some people who were a bit more strange. Here are my interactions:

1. A man with a toupee (who, according to my language teacher, used to be a pastor but went crazy...whatever that means) persistently invited me to their Wed. night Bible study and tried to get my phone number. Fortunately, I know how to say, "I don't give my phone number to men" in Arabic.
2. A couple of months ago, I met a few people from their church at a birthday party for my tutor's kids. I have no recollection of this, but I apparently met a man there named Isaac. He was preparing to become a new pastor at the church. After the party, he asked my tutor's husband, who then asked my tutor, who then asked me if he could pursue some sort of relationship with me. Considering that I had no memory of him at all, I said I wasn't interested and let it be. Well, he was quick to find me again (and I was reassured that "no" was the right answer) and invited me to his ordination next week at least 4 times. I told him I would see...
3. This one is my favorite. A man with a huge grin on his face came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm a gynecologist." What? Who says that? I smiled and tried to recover from that sort of introduction. We chatted for awhile, or should I say that he chatted at me. I learned about all the hospitals nearby my house and in the close of the conversation, he said, "So, if you want any medications or need any health advice, you can just ask me." I politely responded "thank you" and continued on my way.

Oh life...


Joyous said...

Yet manage to bring alive the awkwardness of your interactions with the Arab culture! Hang in there's all going to be worth the difficulties.

I've been brought to my knees while lifting you up this week.

Major things are to come in your life...

Rejoice my dear sister!

Alissa said...

My new favorite pick-up line:
"Hi, I'm a gynecologist."

Oh boy, I can't wait for the day that that line is used on me!

Love ya girl!