Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Day in the Life

I had a great weekend! Here are some things I did:

Friday, I had my usual 2 hour langauge lesson. Our lessons are devoted to telling stories and talking right now so all of the tenses can be ingrained in my brain. I LOVE my language teacher and my time with her is wonderful! After language, I went straight to my Egyptian family's house. Amy and I spent the afternoon with them. We drank fresh tangerine/strawberry juice and ate lunch.  From there, I met up with my Russian roommate Yulia at a Sudanese school where she volunteers. We spent the afternoon cleaning with the teachers. The work was fun and a great experience and we ate Sudanese food together. At one point, I looked around the table and realized I was the only American. I was sitting with 3 Sudanese refugees, one refugee form Sierra Leone, an Egyptian, a Brit, and a Russian. We talked and heard some of their stories and life experiences and I was astounded: I am so blessed to live here and have the experiences I do. When we were finished cleaning, we headed to a friend's house and watched an episode of last season's American Idol, which isn't quite as enjoyable when you know who wins! We eventually made it home and slept early.

Saturday, I had a 7-11am language lesson which I was afraid would be painfully exhausting, but was actually really, really enjoyable. Thanks to a great friend, I was able to bring some fresh Starbucks Christmas Blend. I tried to convince my teacher to love coffee, but all she had to say was, "ooh! you make strong coffee!" and added tons of milk and sugar. When that wasn't enough, she added it to half a cup of tea and said it was better because she couldn't taste the coffee anymore. I got home and went with friends to "Music and Lyrics" at the movie theater, which practically left me on the floor laughing and then spent the evening cooking and hanging out with my roommates.

It seems like life is settling into some sort of routine finally. It's made a world of difference having someone else in the house with me during the day as well.

I love my life!


andrea said...

I'm glad you're doing better there, Sarah!! I love you and am thinking of you!!

Liana said...

think we need an update here deary...