Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sandstorm

Yesterday morning began with me hanging my laundry on the line, wishing to myself it was a bit windier so my cothes would dry faster. Before I knew it the wind began to pick up (which is super abnormal for what I've experienced here so far). I had forgotten about my laundry and was just staring at the trash and bags flying through the air, when I remembered all my clothes dangling from my 5th story apartment. I had to peel the door open and went to grab my clothes. Clothespins were missing and clothes were swinging and dangling, but fortunately, they'd gotten so wrapped around the line, nothing blew away. I, very carefully, pulled them off the line and drug them inside just minutes before the sand hit. Before I knew it, the city was in a dirty, orangy fog. All of our windows and shutters were closed for the entire day. But, nevertheless, I can write my name on any surface in our house in dust. So this is what it's like living in the desert. Here's the view from my bedroom.

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andrea said...

wow, it reminds me of the movie the mummy :) Hey sweet girl, I've been trying to send you an email, but it keeps saying it's delayed and comes back to me. So I'm thinking of you and trying to reply to your email, but am having technical difficulties. Love you, Sarah!!