Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cat Lady: Part II

Well, I took the lovely Amir back to the doctor today and she congratulated me on making his crazy exploding eye virus go away, as well as assuring me that he doesn't have worms anymore. The bloated tummy is only digestion issues. So...he's down to the eye meds once a day and on two other digestion meds 3 times a day for just a few days. Do-able, right?

The coolest thing I found out is that he is a Mau Cat . This means he's a traditional Pharonic cat that you see in all the heiroglyphics. Cool, eh? (This explains the ginormous ears.) Apparently, people pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a Mau. But me? I just rescue them from the street. Oh, the perks of living in a place where are crazed and diseased cats roaming around every corner and in every garbage dumster!

I also need to give a shout out to my mom, who wrote me this email yesterday:
"Dad and I just looked at your latest blog. It is true. Amir is a very ugly little kitten with the biggest ears we have ever seen. Dad thinks he looks like a bat. Are you sure he is a cat? But...when he is stretched out on his back showing off his tummy he is adorable."

If you know my mom, you won't be suprised she wrote this. Oh, mom. I love you!

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