Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How it feels to be a cat lady

So, it all begins with a trip I took to Dahab a few months ago. One of the cats there had a litter and I fell in love with a sweet cat, naming him Habibi ("dear one" in Arabic). After I came home to an empty and often lonely apartment, I decided I needed a cat. I know, I know, I am NOT an animal person. I don't really understand my rationale in the whole decision making process, if there even was a process.

My roommates joked about what it would be like to have a cat in the house, and they were joking too loudly one day when a friend overheard. A couple of weeks later, I got a call from her saying she'd rescued a kitten from the street. [Background: there seem to be as many cats here as people. They live in the dumpsters, are usually missing an eye, ear, fur, etc. and tend to be angry. In general, cats here equal gross, diseased, and scary.] But, this dear kitten had been abandoned by his mommy and was going to die--yes, DIE--if someone didn't take him! What could I say?

I went to the vet with her that day and we checked him out. He had worms and the flu. So, we gave him some de-worming medicine and put him on antibiotics for the next week. I was out of town the next week, so my friend took care of him.

The next week we returned to the vet only to find that his flu had turned into this eye virus that could potentially make his eye explode. Who knew that could even happen, but of course, if it can happen to my cat, it does! This virus requires him to have medicine put in his eyes every 2, yes 2, hours for at least 2 weeks. Let's just say I wasn't anticipating this kind of committment in adopting a kitten. We also discovered he has fleas. When I asked if we could get rid of them, the vet said he's too young and his immune system is too weak, so I'll have to pull them off. She also told me not to worry, because my blood is poisonious to these fleas, so they'll only bite me once and then die. How comforting.

Oh, did I also mention they don't really have affordable cat food here, so I'm actually making him food everyday? Yogurt seems to be his favorite food. And don't worry, I'm not forcing him into vegetarianism. I buy this meat called luncheon and feed it to him. I also may have neglected to tell my landlady about him. Oops!

All things said, I love him! We decided to call him Amir, which means prince in Arabic. Though he already has the nicknames, habibi (dear one), pookie, and foofie. And since he is Middle Eastern, he's learning Arabic instead of English.

I hope he grows up to be a tiger.

His ears are practically the size of a tiger's.

You'll notice that he looks cross-eyed. Probably because he is, or he's blind, or his eye is about to explode. Anything could happen when he's receiving my TLC.

He's ugly. Really ugly.

And yet, his ugliness makes him even cuter!

He's also kind of stupid, but yet again. It makes me love him more.

Oh, my little Nimro (tiger), you're super!


the Beckster said...

That's so cute!! Yeah for Amir!!!

Liana said...

you are hilarious.