Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long time no see...

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending another wedding. As usual, it was more of an adventure than I expected. When I arrived at the wedding, I discovered it was a "men only" party so I was dropped off at the neighbors house while the men smoked sheesha and ate fruit.

The neighbors were really wonderful and friendly, and a great chance to speak Arabic since they didn't speak a word of English. They were also typical Arab hosts and offered me more than I could handle. One of the things they offered me was Fayrouz, a popular fruit-flavored soda here. Instead of being in a plastic bottle, it was in a glass bottle that the companies refill and reuse on multiple occassions.

Well, a few sips into my pineapple Fayrouz, I felt something on my lip and looked at the rim of the bottle and found a round, black spider. Not wanting to offend my hosts, I quickly removed it and continued drinking my Fayrouz. No harm in a spider, right? Well, about halfway through my drink, I felt something round wash into my mouth. I froze, cheeks full of pineapple Fayrouz and spider. I couldn't figure out how to get the spider out of my mouth without making a scene, so I swallowed. I had to swallow, so I actually swallowed. At that point, I looked in my bottle and saw a 3rd spider floating. When I saw that, I decided that 3 spiders was enough Fayrouz for me. I spent the rest of the night trying to forget about my experience and enjoyed my company.

The next morning, I woke up feeling not-quite-myself. Attributing it to sleepiness, I headed out at 6:45am for my 4 hour language lesson. When I arrived, I could hardly sit up straight, much less speak Arabic, so I laid on my teacher's couch for an hour until I got the strength to walk down the 6 flights of stairs and catch a taxi. She sent me off with a plastic bag (just in case) and I made it down 1 1/2 flights of stairs before I started throwing up (for the 2nd time in 14 years, I might add!). I climbed back up the stairs and layed down until I could make it home. After my first taxi driver got in a fight and I had to find a new taxi, I made it home and spent the day with a fever throwing up.

After speaking with a friend about it, we realized that a spider probably crawled into an empty bottle, laid a nest of eggs, and moved away. And I, lucky me, got the bottle full of spiders nest and proceeded to drink half of it.

Hands down, that was the most disgusting experience I've ever had. The end.


Lisa said...

That's the most horrible, awful and disgusting story I have ever heard! I am so sorry that you had to go through that! I think I would have died! As you know my reaction to spiders is not quite so strong. Wow, not fun!

the Beckster said...

OH MY GOSH, that is so crazy! That's the craziest story I've ever heard!

Are you okay?!?!

Anonymous said...

Not THAT is a great story! So sorry that you got so sick!!!