Saturday, July 07, 2007

Adrian and M...i forgot the rest

My roommate Marie, in a moment of insanity (if you ask me) told some friends she would take their 2 albino mice off their hands, as they were returning to the states. Marie is also spending her summer in the states, so when I kindly refused to care for creatures that have tails that look like snakes, she found someone else to watch them. Well, I didn't actually know who was caring for them, until our beloved 6 year old Korean neighbor called today and said she was bringing the mice upstairs for us to take care of. I'm sorry, what? Well, apparently they're going to Mirage City for vacation (whatever that is!) and because Marie will live here in a few weeks, Yuliya and I get to care for the red-eyed horrors until Marie returns. They came and I stared at them for awhile cringing everytime the tail moved and listening to Yuliya talk about how ugly they are. But, all in all, they're not too demanding. These were my instructions from the neighbors: "Take them out of the cage, but be really, really careful because they bite really hard. So, pick them up by their tail or something like that and put them in a bucket so they don't escape--because they're really fast and agile if they escape--and then change out the sawdust. Oh yeah, also, change their food every few days because they go to the bathroom in it." Sick.

Now, my history with taking care of rodents isn't the best. Chrissy the hamster died because I didn't clean her cage, and Herkey the hamster turned crazy so I set him free in the park across the street, and I can't even remember the third. Granted, that was a long time ago, and I'm a pretty good cat mommy, so perhaps this is my opportunity to make right what I did wrong to my Chrissy, Herkey, and Mr. I-forgot-his-name (R.I.P.)

On a completely different note, I spent yesterday with my Arab family. The entire day was in Arabic and I understood everything, until my bro started talking to me about car mechanics, which I'm not sure I would have understood in English either. I also confused the words for lake (baHara) and cow (ba'ara) and spent quite a bit of time explainig how my brother and sis in-law live next to a beautiful cow in Alaska. My sis played along with me, and started asking if they drank a lot of milk, etc. until I finally realized I was using the wrong words. Then, we made animal noises for a long time. Did you know that instead of saying "meow", cats say "neow" here? And, instead of saying, "ruff," dogs say "how, how, how." Who would have guessed?

This week is going to be rather slow. My language teacher is at the beach with her family and my work in the garbage village has the week off. Yuliya will find out tomorrow, enshallah, whether she will be able to stay here or if they've refused her visa for good (meaning she woud have to leave the country within the week). Tonight, I think she and I will go to the mall and check out a new restaurant called Star Fish. Their slogan is, "Healthy food. A new concept in ---!"

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Joyous said...

so how's Amir doing with the little mice? have you had to yell at him to stay out of their cage? i hope they don't get added to your list of dead rodents... :-)

the lake/cow story is soooooo funny! it made me laugh all over again!