Friday, August 17, 2007


So, I haven't written much on Amir recently and decided it was about time. This past Sunday, I'm sorry to say, he was deprived of his manhood (i.e. got "fixed"). Fortunately it was only a 20 min surgery and I got to pick him up afterward. For the first few hours, the back half of his body was paralized, so he resembled a kitty bobble head more than anything else. Once it started to wear off a bit, he attempted to walk, but spent more time flopping around on the ground than anything else.

His post-surgery recovery inovlved a lot of sleeping.

Here are some more recent pictures of my little tiger.

His best friend, other than me of course!

We've decided he's way less ugly these days, which I'm kind of bummed about. I liked having an ugly cat. Oh well, he's still super.


Lisa said...

Oh Kitty!! I was wondering about him! Glad to see the pictures and here that he is doing well. He is definitely getting less ugly sorry to say he's actually quite cute! Cousin Trixie says hello :)

Lesli said...

love it! He is so super cute. Especially next that big dog head...haha.