Sunday, September 23, 2007

Adventure after Adventure

I returned last week from a great business trip to Jordan and Thailand. Here are my highlights:

Amman is stunning. Why didn't I visit it before I came to Cairo???

I also hit up Mt. Nebo, the place where Moses saw the Promised Land.

Here I am overlooking the Promised Land. If you're wondering about my hair, it was quite windy!

The Dead Sea. I didn't get in, but took a lot of pictures!

My flight from Amman to Bangkok was overbooked (who does that?) so after a sleepless night, I was able to fight my way onto a flight leaving for Bangkok the next day. We connected in Abu Dhabi, so I had to take a picture proving that I've been to UAE.

Many of you remember that I taught English in Thailand 4 years ago. I spent a day with some of my closest Thai friends. It was such a delight!

Me, Gaa, Ben, and Aom after church

Nute, me, and Pui. These girls were 2 of my closest friends!

Amanda (one of my dearest friends who also went to the conference) and I in Thai transportation.

Some friends and I used a free day to take a Thai Cooking Class. I can make a mean curry, but don't plan to make the fish stuffed banana leaves again.

And, believe it or not, I actually did some work on the trip as well, though there was nothing exciting enough for pictures. The people were a blast though! I laughed a lot!

I'm down to my last 2 weeks in Egypt before I return to the states. I can't believe I'm saying goodbye already! It's feeling quite bittersweet. I'm absolutely thrilled to begin this new stage of my life with Jonathan, but also grieve saying goodbye to a place that has finally started to feel like home. More updates to come soon!