Sunday, September 23, 2007

Adventure after Adventure

I returned last week from a great business trip to Jordan and Thailand. Here are my highlights:

Amman is stunning. Why didn't I visit it before I came to Cairo???

I also hit up Mt. Nebo, the place where Moses saw the Promised Land.

Here I am overlooking the Promised Land. If you're wondering about my hair, it was quite windy!

The Dead Sea. I didn't get in, but took a lot of pictures!

My flight from Amman to Bangkok was overbooked (who does that?) so after a sleepless night, I was able to fight my way onto a flight leaving for Bangkok the next day. We connected in Abu Dhabi, so I had to take a picture proving that I've been to UAE.

Many of you remember that I taught English in Thailand 4 years ago. I spent a day with some of my closest Thai friends. It was such a delight!

Me, Gaa, Ben, and Aom after church

Nute, me, and Pui. These girls were 2 of my closest friends!

Amanda (one of my dearest friends who also went to the conference) and I in Thai transportation.

Some friends and I used a free day to take a Thai Cooking Class. I can make a mean curry, but don't plan to make the fish stuffed banana leaves again.

And, believe it or not, I actually did some work on the trip as well, though there was nothing exciting enough for pictures. The people were a blast though! I laughed a lot!

I'm down to my last 2 weeks in Egypt before I return to the states. I can't believe I'm saying goodbye already! It's feeling quite bittersweet. I'm absolutely thrilled to begin this new stage of my life with Jonathan, but also grieve saying goodbye to a place that has finally started to feel like home. More updates to come soon!


the Beckster said...

oh my gosh - 2 weeks?! that's crazy! life can change really fast, huh? :) Praise God for his goodness!!

Chris said...

Great pictures! It makes me happy to see people whom I remember from 2003 as well!

Anonymous said...

We look forward to meeting you when you get to Georgia.

The Nobles family

Kathryn said...

We look forward to meeting you when you come to Georgia in a few weeks.

The Nobles family