Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6500 Miles Later

Salamalakum...er, hi...i mean, howdy. Two and a half weeks ago I lived in Cairo. Then I lived in Boulder, and now I'm in Atlanta. Well, Norcross to be exact. And, I have these three great roommates named Andy, Carrie, and Jonathan. Yes, I'm living with Jonathan's brother and sister in-law. We've had a blast together, cooking dinner, watching movies, playing scrabble, and learning what Guitar Hero actually is.

My time with Jonathan continues to be immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine. Who knew love could continue to grow so quickly!

On Sunday, I met the entire Pascual clan. After church, we spent the day picnicing, playing games, and enjoying one another. I'm continually amazed at the favor and goodness of God. I feel like I was built for a family like this! We got to tell our story for everyone, and I've had such a great joy in sharing life with Lola Esther, Jonathan's grandmother whose ring I'm wearing.

No new news on the job front, but the wedding planning is coming along nicely. I'll post again when I have something post-worthy. Until then, call me or send me an email and let me know how you are!

Here's our fun Save the Date:


the Beckster said...

that is the coolest save the date card I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! :)

Lisa said...

so where's my invite/save the date card??? My busy social calendar is filling up fast!