Monday, November 05, 2007

Stone Mountain

On Saturday I finally got to play in the mountains (or on the "mountain" if you're from CO and your perception of mountains is a bit different than the GA perception)! Andy, Carrie, Jonathan, and I spend the morning exploring and adventuring around.

I felt like a puppy skipping and jumping around. I was nature deprived in Egypt.

Everything's better with Jonathan...

And more fun!

Okay, let's talk about how there's a sheer drop off with a gated fence. Did you really need the gate?

How could we resist? It's cliche, but still sweet.

Our trusty mountain buddies Andy and Carrie

How cool is my new family?

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Lesli said...

I am not sure how it ever would have come up before...but my sophomore year of high school our band trip was to Atlanta, Georgia. :) So, I have been to Stone Mountain- exactly where you are standing!! And did you get any pictures of the cool rock called Stone Mountain? :) And I have also been to the Coca-cola museum. I don't remember it being very cool, but then again I was only 16...We also went to some caves I think :)