Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mrs. Pascual

Sorry I haven't been around much recently. I've been busy...getting married! Those pictures and details are soon to come.

But, until then, the good life news for me is that I got a job!!! I'll start a week from Monday with Goodwill as a job coach. I'll work alongside an employment specialist with disabled adults for Duluth County (in Atlanta). The employment will help them to find a job (usually with factories, or places like Publix Supermarket or Wal-Mart), and once they get the job, I will help them train. I will also visit them at work for a few months until I am confident they can work on their own. I am eager to work as a mediator and advocate between the client and employer. I get to make my own schedule, and am so relieved that I have a job I really believe in--not one that I'm just settling for.

There will be a slight commute, but I'm looking forward to time alone in the car. Often times, my most productive times are behind the wheel. Ha!

If you're still reading, thanks!