Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mrs. Pascual

Sorry I haven't been around much recently. I've been busy...getting married! Those pictures and details are soon to come.

But, until then, the good life news for me is that I got a job!!! I'll start a week from Monday with Goodwill as a job coach. I'll work alongside an employment specialist with disabled adults for Duluth County (in Atlanta). The employment will help them to find a job (usually with factories, or places like Publix Supermarket or Wal-Mart), and once they get the job, I will help them train. I will also visit them at work for a few months until I am confident they can work on their own. I am eager to work as a mediator and advocate between the client and employer. I get to make my own schedule, and am so relieved that I have a job I really believe in--not one that I'm just settling for.

There will be a slight commute, but I'm looking forward to time alone in the car. Often times, my most productive times are behind the wheel. Ha!

If you're still reading, thanks!


Lesli said...

YAY- a new post! Love the pic. Can't wait to see more!

the Beckster said...

yay for a post!! i can't wait to see pictures, Mrs. Pascual! And congrats on the job. That sounds like so much fun.

Love to you both--

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah!
That sounds strangely like my job! I'm an Employment Specialist for adults with developmental disabilities in Boulder County. Congrats, I hope you are enjoying it! There's a lot to learn. I got the crash course version, not much training. How is it going?
Loved your wedding :)
I'm sending greetings from Korea (which would be why you posted this a month ago and I only just read it).
God Bless