Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ali (Ah-lee)

Yes, we're crazy. And yes, we got a dog. It all started with a trip to the mall a week or so before I got married. As my mom and I were leaving, we wandered by the pet store, and I saw a puppy. I stopped and looked at the little basset hound, and he looked at me and told me (with his eyes, of course) that I was meant to be his mother. He even put his paw up on the window to give me a high-five. I knew I couldn't take this specific dog home (and, we all know that basset hounds are really only cute as puppies), but I told Jonathan about it, joking that it was time for a dog.

I continuted to joke about it over the next few days, not expecting anything to come of it and not really sure I wanted a dog...until on our honeymoon Jonathan said, "Yeah, I think I'd be okay with a dog." What? You want a dog now? I thought we were just joking about it. But, not being one to turn away from adventure, I rolled with it.

When we got back on Sunday, we decided we would wait until I got a job and we got the hang of our life before we adopted a furry friend. That's the logical, sensible thing to do, right? Well, yesterday at breakfast, we were talking about what we would do that day and out of my mouth came, "Let's get a dog! Come on, it'll be great. It's the weekend, and I don't start work for a week and your schedule at the coffee shop hasn't started yet either, so we'll be able to spend a lot of time with the dog." Jonathan was hesitant at first, but as I learned earlier, I kept talking about it, and before I knew it, he was ready. I told him we would just go and meet dogs, and then think about it, but he was the one who said, "Let's bring one home today." Well then, okay!

I did some research via Lesli, who is my dog guru, and she told us how to look for a dog from a shelter. (It was so much fun rescuing Amir, that we wanted to rescue another shelter dog.) We finally decided we wanted a Rottweiler, as Lesli has had many Rotts, and they've all been great. But, before going, we checked with the leasing office and they forbade us from getting any sort of viscous breed (i.e. rottweiler), so we were back to the drawing board. The one other rule was that the dog needed to be at least a year old.

First we went to the Animal Control Services. It was a dismal, depressing shelter, with at least 100 dogs shut behind gates in small rooms with many other dogs. We checked out two dogs there. The first, Miya, was a black lab mix. She was very shy and fearful, but sweet. The second, Stanley, was also a fearful white lab. When we tried to play with him, he shook and cowered. We liked Stanley the most, but decided to check out the Humane Society first.

The Humane Society was a completely different atmosphere. It was clean, the dogs had a big living space, and raised beds for them to sleep on. (Lesli said this is a good thing to look for in shelters.) The volunteer introduced us to Beauty, an off-the-wall hyper-energetic dog, who was too excited to even look at us. She was good at fetch...but we passed.

Then, as we were walking we saw an adorable black and white dog. His name was Gabe and he was a lab/terrier mix. At first, we passed him by because we didn't want a terrier, but I told Jonathan I at least wanted to meet him. He had been found a few days before wandering the streets, so nothing was really known of him, and they estimated he was around a year old. We took him out to play and immediately fell in love. He watched us for cues, but played. He's a great combination of a lap-dog (the terrier in him), but he runs like a lab, and is fairly high energy. After 5 or 10 minutes, we knew he was ours.

We filled out the paperwork (just in time, because some other people requested to see him right after we decided on him!), hit up petsmart for a crate, some food, toys, etc. and brought him home. He fit right in! He's become very comfortable making home his, understand the word "no" very well, and has yet to have an accident inside. He slept in his crate last night with no problems, and was thrilled to see us in the morning. We couldn't have asked for a better dog!

We named him Ali, which means noble in Arabic. We talked about training him in Arabic, but decided not to when I couldn't remember the command for "sit".

Here are the pics we've taken so far:


Joyous said...

You guys totally crack me up! He's a cute dog though! Now you have a little baby to occupy yourselves with....without getting carried away and jumping on the mama train right away! He looks like the perfect dog for you guys! Does he play frisbee??

Lesli said...

Yay! Now you can become a dog blogger like me! :)

Lisa said...

You're on your way to a kid Sarah! I've heard that a dog is great training... of course Fido did that well enough for us. I'm surprised that you got him so soon, but am excited to hear of your many adventures with Ali.