Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Dig

Well, we've finally finished decorating our apartment!!! It's not quite as clean as I was hoping it would be, but these pics will suffice. Also, I'd like to give a special shout out to Joy, Mandi, and Amanda for either actually touring, or taking skype apartment tours in order to offer me painting advice. And also a special shout out to Jonathan for willing putting together all of our furniture, and moving it a million different places for me so I could visually see what set-up I liked the most. He rocks.

Let's start with the front door. We live on the 2nd floor in "the lodge" of our apartment complex. (This means we have to walk kind of far to get to our place, but it's great because we live in the trees!)

Here's our living room, furnished by is all of our apartment.

The living room leads into the sunroom/our office/Ali's bedroom. (Ali digs cuddling.)

To the right of our doorway is our dining room and kitchen.

Give Jonathan a hand for putting up the pot rack and the wooden shelves on the back wall.

Between the kitchen and living room is the hallway. Oooh, exciting.

And the window from the hallway into our kitchen.

Here's our guest room/place we put stuff we're not sure what to do with yet/place we have yet to decorate.

Our fun guest bathroom.

Our bedroom.

And we get a walk-in closet...for all the clothes we don't have.

Our bathroom.

And finally, our Valentines Day cake. I'm so domestic (wink, wink).
Come and visit so you can see the real thing!!!


Ben Adkins said...

Hey, the apartment looks great!!!!! And the dog! When did y'all get him (or her)?

Liana said...

so, you're further along than we are in our house and we've been here 8 months. way to go! i love all the colors!
amazing cake too. wish i could be there to help eat it :)

heather :) said...

Your place is ADORABLE!!

LB said...

Hey girly!
I love the apartment. Where do you guys live? Are you in Michigan or what? I'm in Oklahoma, and for a while. We purchased our first house. I've got some pictures of it on my myspace. well, your apartment is awesome and you two look so happy.
your old friend,
Laura Beth