Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wedding Slideshow!

So, becuase there are way too many wedding pics I want to put up, and I DIG putting together slideshows, here are two slideshows: a brief (around 3-4 min) and an extendeded version (11 min). I'm pretty sure the one on the left is the extended version, and the right is more brief.


rknobles said...

It was wonderful being with you at the wedding. Thanks for sharing these pictures and the music is perfect!

heather :) said...

The long version: fantastic!!! It made cry...thank you for sharing - so much joy in everyones' face!

E Martin said...

Sarah and Jonathan...congratulations. What a wonderful slide show. Almost makes me feel like i was there. I pray His best for you in this new beginning. How's the coffee shop coming?