Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Misr, Omm al Donya (Egypt, mother of the earth)

Today I was enjoying lunch in my car in the Kroger parking lot waiting for one of my clients to come to work when suddenly, a white cat aimlessly wandered in front of my car and through the parking lot. Next thing I knew, I was taken back to Cairo and the millions (I'm convinced there are at least 10 million) cats wandering the streets. In the gutter, on the road, in our apartment building, and there isn't a dumpster in the entire city without at least one rag-tag gang of cats scrounging a meal out of it.

(I found this one in Alexandria)

And of course, there was always Amir. I can't remember if I already posted this or not, but Amir was adopted with another cat by an American family in Cairo. Here's the most recent picture of him. He looks as though he's finally grown into his ears.

Amir in his so-ugly-it's-almost-cute phase.

And finally, in honor of my Egyptian nostalgia, I figured I'd post some enjoyable pictures, all of which were practically daily occurrences for me.

Say it out loud, and those are the exact words I heard at least 10 times a day.

This wall says "it's forbidden to throw garbage here"

Looking for a ride?

Just so we're clear.

You've got to have your priorities.
The Arabic is transliterated from English to say "salon smart man"

One time we saw a bus that said "English Languish School."
Keeping the streets safe.

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Lesli said...

wow, Amir looks so different- different coloring and everything! And he grew into his ears!