Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Jonathan and I have been enormously blessed to have some of our dearest friends visit within the last couple of weeks.

Kylene spent a week with us before heading to Russia, and a friend of hers came from Knoxville, TN for a few days too. It was a week full of laughter (as Kylene is one of the funniest people I know), good stories, and prayer for the nations.

Here we are at Cafe Istanbul. It's a Turkish restaurant that made me feel like I was back in Egypt again. And of course, a meal like this is not complete without some sheesha and Turkish coffee!

We spent last weekend with Eric and Allison, two of Jonathan's friends from South America. When I am with Eric and Allison, it's like I'm in the presence of Jesus Himself. Jonathan and I both came out of it feeling more refreshed than we'd felt in months, and inspired to dream even bigger for our marriage.

We also got to see the Braves beat the Dodgers!

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