Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting the Hang of It

Yesterday was a spectacular day. We relished in a great week with Kylene and sent her off to Chechnya to change the world, we celebrated Chris and Jess finally getting married, we made a plan to spend a year traveling the world and loving the poor, and I saved someone's job!

On Friday, I got a call saying one of my clients had been fired for "letting a TV walk out of WalMart" while he was watching the door. Perhaps that could be grounds to firing, but not when this person was actually trained to stock and has barriers preventing him from the ability to do "door duty" during the night shift. He and I were able to set up a meeting with the WalMart manager and talk through the problem. Long story short, I was able to advocate for my client and put it in clear enough terms that he couldn't fire a man from a job he was never trained or hired to do, and couldn't actually do with his personal barriers. We left after 45 minutes with the manager inviting him to come back to work that night and promising he'd move him into his stocking position as soon as possible! I was thrilled--this is exactly what I came to Goodwill to do. I was able to fight for the rights of someone who couldn't defend himself. Had this guy lost his job, he very well could have lost his home, insurance, etc. It's wonderful to believe in what you work for!

On another note, as Jonathan and I said goodbye to Kylene, we began to list off all of the countries we want to visit and the people overseas we want to love through serving. As we dreamed, it hit me: why not save up for the next 2-3 years, and spend a year traveling the world? We already live simply because we don't need much, so why not cut a few more things out

Thanks to generous family and little desire for grad school, neither of us have any debt, and we're both making more than enough for us to live on. So, we're going to start setting one of our salaries aside monthly to put toward the big adventure (big adventure=cool name coming soon). As I think about the generosity of God through family and friends, I'm continually overwhelmed. We were able to set up our entire house through wedding gifts, and are both making BANK (wink, wink) working for non-profit organizations. We don't have/need/want cable, and I still can't understand spending $10 to see a movie, or even $5 to rent one, so we only go to the $1.75 cheap theater. Jonathan doesn't really shop, and my convictions about sweatshop labor have increased, so I'm making efforts to use my 25% discount with Goodwill for anything I may "need." This way, all the profit goes to helping people find jobs and maintain an income, rather than the sweat and blood of an oppressed woman or child in a country that doesn't have much value for life. We can justify coffee since the coffee we buy pays Jonathan's salary. What more do we need? Assuming birth control does it's job, we're on our way in a mere 2-3 years (or once we're released from our commitments here).

So, what do you think? Oh, and the wild part about this, is that we're going to try to get a proposal to write a book about our adventures while we do it. I mean, could anything be any better than this? This is an example of how, in being married to the best guy ever, doors are opening that would not have otherwise been opened.

Life is good, and God is unfailing.

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