Monday, May 26, 2008

Cloth Baby Shoes

A couple of years ago, my mom gave me a sewing machine. I was thrilled at the idea of learning to sew and may have attempted an item or two. But, when I went overseas, the sewing machine went into the closet and out of my mind. When I moved back, I brought it to Atlanta with me, but was hesitant to adventure into new things.

But, the other day, I was re-inspired after browsing a few sewing blogs. My brother and sister in-law are going to have a baby girl next month, so why not have my first project be a gift to my new niece. I found a cute (and easy?) tutorial online for cloth baby shoes, and here's the final product.

I had to make a couple fabric store runs to get the right items and make a practice shoe, but all in all, it didn't take more than 3 or so hours to get them both done.

Hopefully I'll keep sewing more and more. I just keep telling myself it'll only get easier. That's the great part about beginning new things!

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