Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Pursuit of Oneness

While Sarah was still in Egypt she recommended the book "A Severe Mercy" to me. I recommend reading it if you haven't - it's the only book besides the Bible that I've ever cried while reading. It's the story of the powerful love of a couple that has a "pagan" start and comes to center on Christ. As their relationship journey unfolds, they wildly pursue a complete sense of "oneness" that to some may seem over the top. A notable part was when the author talked about how if one of them liked or enjoyed something then the other should do all they could to like it as well, for there must be some value in it.

Sarah and I make references to "A Severe Mercy" every now and then when we speak of our own pursuit of love and oneness. The best idea we stole from their story was the development of secret signals known only to us... ones that allow us to say a silent "I love you", or "Let's get out of here!" or even "Do you hear that guy behind us who's talking really loudly and acting like a jerk to the nice guy in the red hat? I totally disagree with that!" No lie - we can share that without speaking.

One action I'm going to be taking soon has somewhat of a basis in the reckless pursuit of oneness displayed in "A Severe Mercy". You see, Sarah's currently a vegetarian (not in the strictest sense - she'll eat humanely-raised meat at Chipotle, for example) and I've always loved a juicy steak or burger or a #1 combo at Chick-Fil-A. But I see her reasoning behind her decisions and I see the value in it. And because I want to support her completely, one of the best ways I can do that is to say that I will stand at her side and advocate on the same issues; I will take up her causes as ours and never let something just be "Sarah's thing".

So I'm going vegetarian. I haven't started yet, but Sarah's gonna treat me out to a Last Meat Supper sometime soon.

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