Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Room of our Dreams

Jonathan and I are dreamers. The kind of dreamers who will only dream if it's more than we could ever accomplish or bigger than we could ever imagine. We also believe we are together rather than on our own because God has dreams for us we couldn't accomplish individually. We're both experiencing the joys of companionship daily in both the big things and little things.

An example of the little things: we often joke about reading one another's minds and if we have the same idea or dress similarly one of us will usually burst out with an "we're so one!" comment. On Saturday, we hit our peak in the middle of a Cranium game. Jonathan was given the clay to sculpt something, clue being food. Jonathan picked up the clay and before I even knew what was coming out of my mouth, I shouted out "corn on the cob!" Jonathan put the clay down and, in surprise, said, "Yeah, it's corn on the cob." Everyone's mouths dropped open, and we cheered in honor of our "oneness." [Another example is that I wrote this blog yesterday without posting it and didn't mention it to him before he posted his most recent blog about our pursuit of being one.]

Anyway, back to our dreams. Anyone who has a conversation with us for over 5 minutes will realize that we long to live overseas among the lost, broken, forgotten, oppressed, hurting, and hopeless. We want to change the world--not just a little bit, but a lot. At the moment, we are both living in the states confident God has us here, though we tell God daily we'd be happy to be somewhere else. "Just say the word, Lord, and we will go!" So, while we're waiting to hear the word, we've set up our guest room to be the room of our dreams. (You were thinking neat paint and pretty pillows, weren't you?) We started by hanging a map in the middle with writing above it saying "to the ends of the earth." We hung up crosses we've collected around the world as well as a prayer flag from a conference I went to in the middle east. We've posted scripture that has spoken to our hearts, and a quote about dreams with our updated "to do" list beneath it. We'll continue to add to it as the Lord continues to add to and expand upon our dreams.

Our room of our dreams will be a daily reminder to us of the reason we are here and of how we want to see the world change. It'll help keep our actions in perspective--the way we spend the money God has given us, what we do with our time, how we treat strangers, etc. I hope it will allow us to see to a greater extent the creative side of our Father as well as a bigger picture of His relentless love for all nations, peoples, tribes, and tongues.

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Alissa said...

You guys are so awesome and I love you!!!!!!!!!
What a great idea! Seriously, you two are amazing.

I miss you!