Monday, September 08, 2008

Down Time

Last week was busy! Altogether, we had 5 people staying the night, and the guests changed every day. I also had someone start the 3:45am shift at work this week, which means I was out the door at 3:15am on Wed and Thursday. On Friday night, Jonathan asked me what I would do if I had free time this weekend and I told him I wanted to spend hours at Starbucks with a grande non-fat chai, my ipod, journal, and Bible. I also said I wanted to sew.

I'll comment later about Starbucks, but here is what I did the very moment I got my free time!

"Say aloha (the goodbye version) to summer" cupcakes (thanks Martha Stewart for the idea):

A little purse with my new favorite fabric. I didn't follow any patterns or tutorials and even added some pleats, so I feel pretty good about it.

A new duvet cover. I know it doesn't really match the walls, but I liked the pattern too much to pass up. I was afraid Jonathan would think it was too girly, but he actually really liked it.

I just bought two bedsheets and sewed them together, leaving a small opening on one end.
I also attached two little ties in the corner so the comforter doesn't fall into the corner. Bonus!!!

Also, when Amanda came to visit, she brought all of her mad decoration skills and we got Kylene's room ready for her. (Did I mention we're getting a roommate in a few days???) Here's the final.

Next on my list is a new apron and perhaps some homemade clothes!

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