Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Latte Art Throwdown

The setting: Octane, a hip coffee and alcohol bar in Atlanta, where once a month they do a "Thursday Night Throwdown".

In attendance: 22 competitors from all over the nation, including the 2007 World Barista Champion, the 2008 (reigning) World Barista Champion (from Ireland), and various hardcore local baristas (one of them - no kidding - had an espresso portafilter as a tattoo). The chairperson of the WBC was a judge. Various committee members from the Specialty Coffee Association of America were watching.

The challenge: Each competitor gets one pull of espresso, one chance to steam milk, and one pour to create their best latte art. $5 gets you in. The pot that night: $110, plus an iPod Shuffle.

I threw in my five bucks and pulled a number to see when in the lineup I would be competing.... Lucky number 13.

Here's a screen shot of the judges' scoring of my design(btw... I didn't finish last!):

That was from my first TNT experience. At the next Thursday Night Throwdown, I didn't compete... I was a judge! Kylene got to represent the Chatt Room by competing - She didn't finish last!

The next Throwdown is November 13th, and I'll try my hand at competing again. Who wants to join me?

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