Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Purse

Well, I broke down and bought my first pattern on Friday. I'd never followed a pattern before, and never really planned to because they're too expensive. The way I shop, I could find a purse for cheaper than the pattern. But, after looking at Amy Butler's Birdie Sling daily for almost a week, I decided to break down and just get it. The pros were that I learned a bunch of new sewing tricks to make my creations look more polished. The cons were that it cost money and it took me forever and a day to make it.

I LOVE the final product--though, an old lady at the fabric store told me my fabric pattern combos were "disgusting." I kid you not, she told me it was disgusting. Ha, I laughed and figured that it's not a very old-lady-southern style. No worries!

It's nice and big for all of my stuff too! Thanks Ky, for multi-tasking and modeling while also talking to mom on the phone!
Here's the lining. Way to cute to hide inside a purse. I'll have to do something fun with the extra!
And finally...the state of our kitchen table for the entire weekend (and even now)!

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