Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After a somewhat lengthy absence, I'm least for one post. I've been putting people to work like it's going out of style and therefore, have very little free time. And, during my free time, I'm watching old seasons of my new favorite show, Project Runway.

The musical Wicked came into town a few weeks ago and Kylene and I immediately started looking for tickets, but couldn't find anything good below $150.00. No matter how badly we wanted it, we couldn't justify that much money, so we gave up.

But then, a week or two later, Kylene told me about the lottery they offer before every show. If you get there 2 1/2 hours early and put your name in a box, they will draw out enough names to give out 20 tickets for only $25 each. We figured we'd try.

We went last week and sadly, didn't get tickets. We thought it was a for sure thing, but came home and schemed for our next chance.

And then last night, my schedule got changed last minute and I was free, so I got Kylene to get someone to cover for her and we headed downtown. And this time, we got called! First, they called my name and I got the two tickets, and then right after, they called Kylene. She didn't need the tickets since I had them, but it was so exciting both of our names called!

Our seats were in the 3rd row, but on the side so we missed a few things. All in all, it was spectacular! The costuming was amazing, and we'd just watched a video on the making of the costumes which made it all the better. Their voices left me in awe. We both cried at certain parts, and it was wonderful to see the facial expressions. Oh, I love the theater!!!

Kylene blocked people traffic for this pic.

They gave us buttons to celebrate our success.
This is the view from the inside of the theater. It feels like you're outside at sunset!

Not our most photogenic moments, but we were definitely happy!

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Kathryn said...

Hey Sarah
Alyssa was at WICKED last night with some of her Berry girlfriends. I'm sure she loved it as much as you...but I know she didn't have those kind of seats. WOW!
Love to Jonathan. will call you or email soon.