Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Car

We really didn't want to, but finally had to break down and buy a second car this week. Jonathan's job changed this weekend and it now requires him to have a car and although Goodwill continued to promise me a car, it wasn't coming soon enough. We decided that if we got an affordably priced car, the mileage I get from Goodwill would pay for it. And so began the search!

I signed onto Craig List and started sending out emails. Of the 5 inquiries I sent, all of the returns turned out to be scams from people offering to ship me the car for free if I send them the money over ebay. (One email was in broken english stating that she's a woman so she doesn't need a car as her reason for getting rid of it.) Apparently I was looking for cars that were priced for less than they should be, and becoming quickily disheartened! In the midst of this process, we thought about what kind of car we wanted. My ideal cars were either a Honda CRV or a VW Jetta. We ruled the CRV out because we have absolutely no need for an SUV in Atlanta, and they get bad gas mileage. I clung to hope for the Jetta, but struggled with the idea of it in my heart as well because I didn't want to like a car too much.

I'm not really a car person, but I'd always wanted silver Jetta with a sunroof. Perhaps this was my chance? But, as I prayed about it for the day, I realized that I didn't want something that I would value more than relationships with others or God. I didn't want something that would leave me upset or disappointed if something happened to it. Why put my energy into trying not to love something too much when I could put it into loving others?

That night, after I'd gotten another scammer email and we decided we would just go to a used car dealer, we checked Craig List one more time. Lo and behold, there was a great car for sale and a number to call. We went and checked it out the same night and bought it the next day.

God was so faithful in providing this car for us. It's a 2001 black Honda civic. Great gas mileage and cute, but not my dream car which I'm thankful for. The best part about it is that it has a sunroof which I will hopefully enjoy year round here!

It's such a joy to trust in the Father to provide what we want and need all at the same time!

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