Friday, February 06, 2009

The Evolution of Mom's Purse

It started out as a Christmas present and was a pattern I was planning to invent as it went along. (My favorite way to sew is without a pattern and winging it.) It also started out as orange, but I wasn't pleased with how it looked, so I turned it the other way out which made it unable to be more than a clutch. Although it's super cute, I knew a clutch wouldn't be very useful for my mom. So...another purse for me and onto a new one for mom!

At this point, Christmas had come and gone, so, in hopes of completing a purse for her by her birthday I decided just to go for a pattern. And her birthday came and went, but I was able to crank it out last week and got it to her just a few days after her birthday. I'm glad she likes it!

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