Thursday, April 02, 2009


Lesli is probably the only person who will find this post interesting, but we, as dog owners, have to give Ali a little love every once in awhile. Here are some sweet pics of our now 57lb dope.

Ali loves it when Jonathan is sick because he can climb into bed with him.

He also loves laundry day because it's another excuse to climb into bed before the sheets get washed. (He must have set this one up, because during a thunderstorm last night, he got so nervous, he sat at the bed and poked me with his snout until I would let him into bed with us. He went right to sleep!)

Anytime Jonathan is on the floor Ali makes himself cozy.

Enjoying a nice day.

Putting up with our shenanigans.

The situation with the cats is getting better. They stare at each other a lot through the baby gate, but there's nothing aggressive at all, so we're still day...that they'll be able to live in complete harmony.

Ali also got to go to the vet to get stitches a few weeks ago after playing in the river. He ended up with a deep gash on his foot, so I took him in. After he escaped out of the evaluation room and ran around in the back until they captured him, they were able to get him ready for his stitches. I had no idea how he'd act, but the doctor came out saying he did a great job. All they did was keep feeding him treats and he didn't even notice that his foot was being sewn up!

And...although they said he's a good weight, he's gained 17 lbs since we got him a year ago. Sheesh! He's such a beast!


Lesli said...

HAHAHA, I love every picture. Especially the one with his butt up in the air. Fabulous.

What you mean normal people don't come to our blogs to find out about the state of our dogs? I don't believe you.

Thanks for the shout out! :) See you in exactly 2 weeks!

Julianne said...

I love how he curls up in Jonathan's lap. It's perfect!
Are you glad you don't have a dog and a Rory? We've fostered 4 dogs but think we might not like them much when we have kids too. And figured if we were to adopt, a big dog wouldn't pass a home check. What do you think?

Sarah said...

Rory would have LOVED a dog. I'm glad don't have a dog because I don't like taking them out in the morning and cleaning up dog hair. :)