Monday, May 25, 2009

On The List

I haven't posted much recently. I'm (almost) forbidding myself from doing anything else until I finish my sweater but I've needed a break from it recently so not much is getting done. I'm also trying not to buy any new fabric since we're leaving in a month and a half. I have a huge bin full of fabric that could be used.

So instead of posting something I did, here's a list of projects I have on the list to do sometime whether in the far or near future.

1. Retro Owl Sunglasses Case. Cheap. Easy. Awesome.
2. Pillow Map. Except instead of making random lines, I want to make lines to places I've been.
3. Ruffle skirt. I have some great almost-matching fabric for this.
4. Sketchbook. A great gift idea!
5. Room dividers. I supposed I need a room to divide for this one.
6. Adorable Dress. How could I resist!
7. Pencil Skirt. I have the fabric and everything.
8. Paper Dolls Sweater. I have a ways to go before I could do this, but I'm dreaming!
9. Bulky Buttony Sweater. I'll have sweaters coming out of my ears if I keep this up.
10.Wrap Shirt. I just stumbled upon this. I wonder if I have fabric for it already.
11. Travel Purse. I'll probably wait for inspiration and design it myself. I want something that I can sling over my shoulder, has a zipper close, and is big enough for me to lug around the world.

This leads me to writing another one of my blog letters:

Dear Jonathan,

I love you dearly and I know you love me just as much and want me to be happy. That's why I was wondering if you would let me quit my job and spend all waking hours of the day making projects. And because projects cost money, would you mind getting a second job (maybe at Starbucks perhaps) to support my craft habit?

Thanks! You're the best!

Your devoted wife

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