Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up, up, up, and away!

In two hours, Sarah and I hop on a plane bound for Turkey. The Atlanta chapter of our lives has come to a close for now. And what a ride it's been! We thank the Lord for the many ways he's blessed us and grown us up in Himself. We will forever cherish the times he's given us in these past two years with family, friends, and church here in the States. Though it will be sad to miss all the upcoming milestones in our loved ones' lives - weddings, babies, etc. - we know without a doubt that we're following the Lord in this next step in our journey in Turkey.

In a couple weeks we'll be starting our CELTA certification in Istanbul. For a solid month we'll be in an intensive program to learn how to be English teachers. It will be so involved that we'll probably not have much time to explore the city or to learn Turkish -- but that will happen eventually. Sarah and I invite you to come to Turkey to visit us if you ever get the chance! And we'll be keeping in touch through email, Skype, and this blog.

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Jackleen said...

Sarah, so happy that God is allowing you all this great adventure together. I know you all will do great! Also, thanks again for the picture frame, pot-holder, and homemade soap. Loved all 3!!!