Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our Love Story Rewritten

So we've been teaching English classes for two weeks now, and for one of my lessons I chose to use our love story as the subject matter. I showed my students our "trash the dress" photo album and told them about how I proposed to Sarah in Cairo. By the end of the lesson I had taught the students some phrases to help them write anecdotes, and had them try to write down the proposal story. Here's what they came up with:

Student A:

"The know each other for 5-6 years but they had never lived in the same city. He asked her to be her boyfriend. Firstly she said 'No' but then she said 'Yeah, we can try.' Immediately he decided to go to Egypt to propose her. When landing in Egypt and he saw her at the airport, he thought she was the right woman. They were not alone at first and then they went for a walk in the park. She thought that he didn't have enough money to buy a ring but he brought his grandma's ring with him. As soon as he went on one knee in the end they got married and lived happyly after."

Student B:

"He phoned her about changing the type of their relationship. So he flied to Epypt to see her. When he saw her at the airport he thought it's ok. For a while they couldn't talk their relationship because they were in a crowd. Then they went to a park, and able to talk. Suddenly he asked her 'Will you marry me?' She surprised. When gave his grandmother's ring she understood that he was very serious. In the end she excepted. Happly ever after!"

Student C:

"He went to Egypt to see her. When he arrived there, he didn't like Egypt. But when he saw her, he forgot everything and he fell in love. After some days, they met in a park. That was the first time that they wer alone. And he decided to propose her. But she said no. And then he gave his grandmother's ring to her. So she said yes. In the end, they got married. They are very happy."

Student D:

"When they lived in Thailand, they were teachings English together. But destiny played a pame. Send Sarah to Egypt and Jonathan to Atlanta. When they were seperated Jonathan couldn't forpet her, so he called. With his brave, he asked for a relationship. Unfortunately, Sarah said 'no!' But he insisted. He started to save money and boupht a ticket. When he arried to Eppyt, in for sight he decided the she is the ripht one. He was plannig marry to her so he offered her married with him with his grandmother's ring one day on the seaside. Of course she accepted."


Lauren said...

Well the all got the part about the ring right. I love it!

Cynthia said...

I love reading the stories in broken English! How fun! It is kinda finny, b/c based on what they wrote about, I can just see Jonathan telling the story...hand gestures and all! =)

Alissa said...

Those are awesome! Love it! Aw man, I wish I could be there with you guys!!!

Eileen said...

i tink, the did good job. i smiling hole time. :)