Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture of the Day

Sometimes, the less money you have, the more resourceful you are. Here we have a little girl who has turned some string and a flimsy wooden clothesline bar into a swing. Not sure how safe it is, but kudos to her for being resourceful.

When I first took this pic, I was sure her mom was telling her that that wasn't a good idea. Instead, mom just grabbed a chair and sat down while her daughter swang away.

*Note: the word "swang" just turned into a long conversation between Jonathan and me where we had to decide the specific verb tense you would use swang versus swung and if we needed to use verbII or verbIII. Proper grammar is taking over our lives. I even made Jonathan quiz me for a good 20 minutes about different verb tenses and the differences between modal and auxiliary verbs.

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the Beckster said...

LOL - welcome to the life of an English teacher!! :)